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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is just the simple act of becoming aware of our thoughts and feelings. It has its roots in Buddhist meditation, but it is quickly becoming a part of mainstream culture. So one does not have to be a Buddhist in order to learn and use mindfulness.

How can mindfulness help me in therapy?

Learning to become more aware of ourselves has always been a part of psychotherapy. Mindfulness is just another tool to help with that process. Recent research has shown that the practice of mindfulness can aid in the treatment of many physical and mental health issues.

What are mind-body therapies?

Traditional talk therapy focuses mostly on our cognitive mental functions, which is very helpful for many issues. However, the last few decades of brain research have shown that the human organism is a holistic system in which mind, body, emotions, even our relationships, create an integrated whole. Mind-body therapies combine conventional talk therapy with complementary practices, such as body awareness and visual imagery, to help expand the healing process.

Do I have to use mind-body therapies?

No. There are many paths to healing. The most important thing in therapy is to find what works best for you. Being stuck on any one method usually isn't the most helpful approach for anyone.

Do you use touch?

No. The somatic therapies that I use do not involve touch.

Aren't diversity issues just for ethnic minorities?

Diversity issues involve any kind of social marginalization. Any time an individual is minimized, rejected or somehow treated as "less than" for belonging to the "wrong" group (e.g., race, body size, social status, sexuality) is, to me, a diversity issue.

How can your rates be so low?

I want to help make therapy available to a diverse community. Flexible rates are appealing to a broad range of people. Many people are also still recovering from the recession and this helps keep therapy accessible for those who need it. These rates are subject to change, but this is what is being offered now. 

"A problem

cannot be solved

with the same

consciousness that

created it."

- Albert Einstein

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