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2366 Eastlake Ave E.

Suite 215

Seattle, WA 98102




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About Me

I was born and raised in Seattle. I have an M.A. in Clinical Psychology focusing on integrative somatic approaches and a B.A. in Art and Art History focusing on ceramics, film and Asian Art. I have a life-long interest in human nature and its expression through various forms, such as, culture, society, art, relationships, spirituality and the healing arts.

I grew up in the most diverse district in the USA right here in south Seattle (who knew?). Surrounded by such widely varying personal, cultural, economic and social backgrounds, I learned early on not to make any assumptions about anyone. 

As a therapist, I also make no assumptions. I abhor putting people into tiny boxes that are defined and confined by socially-constructed, and quite arbitrary, measures such as age, gender, body size, privilege, ethnicity, sexuality, social status and even mental health status. There is something much more valuable that lies beneath our surface appearances and this is what I enjoy connecting with in the therapy process.

I have counseled adults, couples, groups, families, adolescents, children and developmentally delayed adults at Sound Mental Health and at homeless shelters for men and women. Previously, I was in the health care field working with the elderly and end of life issues. I also made jewelry and was a film projectionist! My childhood dream was to be a jazz pianist, which ended quite early after hearing a Chick Corea album. While these might seem like an eclectic range of interests, for me, these wonderful experiences reveal the deep humanity we all share.

I have practiced Zen and Vipassana (Mindfulness) meditation for over 20 years and am a Certified Mindfulness Instructor. I am a member of Washington Mental Health Counselors Association and Washington Counselors of Color Network.

"The way we rise

from every sorrow in life

is the most

gorgeous thing

I've seen"

- Rupi Kaur

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