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Hello! If you found your way here, perhaps you are seeking help for a specific issue or maybe you sense something isn't quite right in your life, but you're not sure why or what to do about it. Whatever the reason, therapy offers a safe environment where you can be met with support, understanding and some assistance in moving forward. 

I really enjoy this work because I constantly see that therapy clients possess the strength, courage and willingness to face challenges that most people prefer to ignore. The ones who seek help are the ones who can learn to grow and flourish. So congratulations on making it this far! 

My style is caring, empathetic and insightful. I work from a client-centered perspective, which means your personal truths and lived experiences are more important than any generic "expert" opinion. But at its best, therapy isn't just about fixing problems. It's also about learning to thrive. Every single person has their own natural strengths and resiliencies, no matter what challenges we have been through. We wouldn't be here if we didn't! Oftentimes they feel so natural to us that we don't even recognize them as strengths. And sometimes what we believe to be our biggest weakness is actually our strongest ally. So therapy can also help us identify what is right about you and not just what is (believed to be) "wrong." It sounds simple, but this tiny shift in perspective can really change how one walks through life. 

I offer regular and reduced rates. Please see my "Reduced Rates" page for more information. 

Feel free to browse these pages to get a better sense of who I am and how I work. But there really is no substitute for meeting someone in person, so I offer a free 50-minute in-person consultation. If you have further questions or would like to make an appointment, please visit the "Contact Me" page. 


"Knowing yourself is 

the beginning of

all wisdom."


                            - Aristotle